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  • FAQ

    • questionWhat is the reason that IP-PBX is not registered in ITSP server?
    • answerYou can find the reason on‘Registration Status’ under ‘System Information’ menu. ‘Registration Status’ may show one of the following messages.

      ▷ Registered : Registration OK
      ▷ Unregistered (No Use) : Registering number isn’t set.
      ▷ Unregistered (Not Ready Yet) : The system is just booted and the applications are initializing now.
      ▷ Unregistered (No Network Connection)
      ▷ Unregistered (Timeout) : No response from the outbound server
      ▷ Unregistered (XXX) : When registration is failed, error number from the outbound server is displayed.
      ▶ 401: authorization is failed
      ▶ 403 or 404: disallowed or no-existing number

    • questionHow many can be set up for Auto Attendant feature?
    • questionIs there any way that prevents ‘Absent’ message when incoming calls are not answered?
    • questionHow can I forward the calls coming from the main number?
    • questionHow can I set up call forward for the calls from‘Group Number’?
    • questionIf I select ‘Ring All Phones’ for ‘Hunting Method’ in ‘Group Number’, how many IP phones ring simultaneously at most?
    • questionCan IP phones pick up calls coming from PSTN Trunk? And can legacy phone pick up calls coming from VoIP Trunk?
    • questionHow do I check if ‘Call Pickup’ is working well?
    • questionIs Conference Call feature available?
    • questionWhen making outbound calls, can I change the caller ID as I want?
    • questionI have set up ‘Area Code’ on ‘General Information’ menu, yet it’s not working.
    • questionHow can I use ‘Area Code’ feature on IP phone?
    • questionCan I send SMS on IP phone?
    • questionIt still shows 0 even though legacy analog phone is not connected to FXS port.?
    • questionCan I use other IP Phones (from other manufacturers?)
    • question‘Inter-Office Call’is not working.
    • questionIs ‘Inter-Office Call’ possible between Coretree IP-PBX and other vendor’s IP-PBX?
    • questionIs ‘Inter-Office Call” possible between Coretree IP-PBX and other vendor’s media gateway?

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