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  • Currently, Coretree has over 50% of market share for small-capacity IP-PBX in Korea.

    And with the highest supply records, Coretree is the firsthand subcontractor to Korea Telecom in small-capacity IP-PBX field. Also, Coretree is developing enhanced integrated technology for the IoT environment based on its IP/SIP/IMS technologies.

  • ThinkBox is an official Trade Mark for Coretree’s IP-PBX Product.

    Embedded OS developed by Coretree provides cutting edge technology and it enables to manipulate the next generation of IP environment. Additionally ThinkAgent is a IP Telephony S/W which can leverage IP-PBX to more flexible and smart communication environment.

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  • As a next strategy for the future, Coretree’s IP, SIP, and IMS technologies aim to expand to IoT market

    For example, connected Camera, Video Door Phone, Sensor, and Alarm will provide Smart Office/Home Environment Solution. Also Coretree provides Satellite Internet Solution.

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