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  • ThinkBox 2000


    Media Gateway Function

    - Connecting Legacy PSTN Call to IP
    - Connecting VoIP Call to Legacy POTS Phones

    call forwarding ip pbx

    IP-PBX function

    - Share PSTN Line or VoIP account
    - Auto Answering, Intercom, Call Forwarding Service

    Option Modules

    Item Module Feature
    CPU GPU Up to 100 users, SIP/IMS-PBX CPU, PSTN 8 Ports
    GPE Up to 400 users, PSTN 8Ports
    MCU Small and Medium Enterprise
    MCE IPCC & Large Size Enterprise
    Proxy/DSP RCS 18CH/142CH Voice Conference
    RCE 512Ch Voice Conference
    PXY SIP-IMS Gateway, IP Paging
    FMC FMC Controller
    PSTN LIU-E 2 Ports E1 PRI Line Interface Unit
    LIU-O 8 Ports FXS Line Interface Unit
    LIU-S 8 Ports FXS Line Interface Unit
    LIU-2S 16 Ports FXS Line Interface Unit
    Etc. PEU Port Extension Unit. Broadcasting, Alarm, etc.
    SCU System Virtual Ethernet Support

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